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500g Black Fire Cement


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2 man delivery

Black fire cement is available in a black colour, it does not exude oil or stain most absorbent materials. Water based, non-toxic, produced from natural mineral products and does not contain hydrocarbon resins or solvents. Withstands heat up to 1250°C.

Specially formulated and recommended by industrial and domestic cooking and heating appliance manufacturers throughout the world for sealing external and internal joints on all types of stoves, ovens, cooking and heating appliances.

Black Fire Cement Information

1. Strong adhesive properties at all temperatures

2. Will not crack, craze or crumble from thermal shock, vibration or age under normal conditions

3. Sets to a tough substance which is impervious to acids, solvents, oil and water

4. Hardens by air drying and operational heat which improves and strengthens seals and joints

5. Adheres strongly to any clean surface free from oil, grease and rust - iron, steel, firebrick, concrete, glass, mica, enamel

6. Withstands operating temperatures of domestic and industrial cooking and heating appliances whilst retaining full adhesive sealing properties up to 1250°C

7. Improves operational efficiency and fuel saving

8. Economical in cost and application



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