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7" liner - 8 Metres - 904/316 Grade

Grade Flue Liner:- A liner which uses 904 grade stainless steel for the inner skin and 316 grade stainless steel for the outer skin. It is suitable for use on stoves burning the following fuels:- gas, oil, coal, coke, seasoned dry logs, cured dry peat and smokeless fuels. This is the most economical liner for use with all smokeless fuels. 904/316 grade flue liner has a 20 year guarantee (product replacement only)

Please note:- It is recommended when installing a flue system, you increase the flue diameter by 1” (6” flue size will increase to 7” flue liner)

You will need access to the flue liner for sweeping purposes when using oil or solid fuel fired appliances. It is sometimes possible to sweep through the stove by removing the baffle plate at the top of the stove. If this is not possible, you will need to provide the access via a sweeping hatch in the stove pipe.

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SKU 5933
Diameter 7 inch (175 mm)