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Heat Resistant Rope & Glue Pack


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2 man delivery

This fire rope & glue kit comprises of 1 x 30ml bottle of heat resistant rope glue and 1m of fire rope. You can select the rope diameter from the options below.

Rope glue is used to stick firerope to a stove whether this is around the collar or to secure the stove glass in place. To use the rope glue ensure the groove is clean and free from dust etc... apply the adhesive to all the surfaces that are to be bonded and allow at least 15mins for the adhesive to set.

Directions for use:

1. It is essential that all surfaces to be bonded are free from oil, dust or any form of surface coating or contamination.

2. Ensure that all surfaces to be bonded, sealed or insulated, are degreased, clean and free from contamination.

3. A light surface abrasion of the material to be bonded will increase the amount of surface available for adhesion and will give improved mechanical key.

4. Apply the fire rope adhesive to all surfaces to be bonded.

5. Join and apply moderate pressure to ensure even anchorage and solid contact of the surfaces to be bonded, so that all surfaces and fully wetted.

6. Secure the components and allow the adhesive to set and harden.

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