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Multifuel & Woodburning

Aarrow Wood-Burning Stoves and Aarrow Multi-Fuel Stoves are available in a range of styles, sizes and heat outputs. Despite being referred to by various descriptions, including woodburners, log burners, solid fuel stoves, multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves, there are just two significant differences between the wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves.

An Aarrow wood-burning stove has a flat base so the wood can burn on a bed of ash. The fuel-efficiency is impressive as wood burns slowly in this method, making a woodburner stove more suited for wood burning than a multi-fuel stove. Woodburners are not suitable for overnight burning.

Aarrow multifuel burners offer the flexibility to burn wood, coal, smokeless fuels and other solid fuels. Multifuel stoves burn fuel on a grate, allowing air to circulate below the fuel, providing a constant source of oxygen. The ash pan catches the ash from the fuels, which can be dislodged by the riddling grate, or fire stoker.

The Aarrow Stove Specialist will help you find the perfect Aarrow log burning stove, or Aarrow multifuel stove, either through our West Yorkshire showroom, or online shop.